Using TU Graz Chat

Graz University of Technology runs a chat server ( where discussions can be held in different rooms. ZID (Central Computer Services) run the service using a Matrix server ( and the Element web client (

1 Test Room

A test room is available to try out the interface and practice posting messages and answers in threads:

Never use the “Reply” button to reply to a message! Always use the “Reply in thread” button next to it. That way conversations are kept tidy in threads and are easier to navigate. Use the “Send message” box at the bottom to ask a new question or start a new thread. Use Shift-Return to enter a newline.

2 Logging In

When you first access the chat server, you will be asked to log in using SSO (SAML). It should look something like Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3.

TU Graz Chat: Sign-In
Figure 1: TU Graz Chat: signing in.
TU Graz Chat: SSO
Figure 2: TU Graz Chat: single-sign-on.
TU Graz Chat: Joining a Room
Figure 3: TU Graz Chat: joining a chat room.

3 Chat Rules and Conventions

You should observe the following rules and conventions:

4 Installing to Home Screen

Element is a Progressive Web App (PWA). It can be installed to the home screen of your device, for one-click access (depending on the support of your web browser), as shown in Figure 7 for Chrome on Windows.

TU Graz Chat: Install Button TU Graz Chat: Install Button TU Graz Chat: Install Button
Figure 7: TU Graz Chat: The Element web app is a PWA, which can be installed to the device's home screen. Here, the process for Chrome on Windows 10: Click the Install button in the address bar, confirm, Element is installed to the desktop.

5 Technical Support

ZID have a chat room for technical support regarding the TU Graz Chat service: