HCI Exercise 4b

(INB.05021UF Human-Computer Interaction 3VU SS 2018)

Exercise 4b: Thinking Aloud Test (TA Videos)

1. Prepare Your Video Directories

2. Create a USB Stick or DVD(s) to Hand In


  1. Copy the entire directory gT-XX-ta-extras onto a USB stick to hand in.

    • Label the USB stick with "HCI SS2018" and your group number "GT-XX" using a sticky label (and small writing!).

    • Unfortunately, I am unable to return the USB stick to you.

  2. Make a data DVD (or Blu-ray Disc) of the entire directory gT-XX-ta-extras. If one disc is not enough, place some or all of the material onto a second or third disc.

    • Do not make consumer-playable disc(s) (which play on a standard consumer DVD player). Make a data disc containing files.

    • Write your group number, exercise, topic (web site), and today's date in permanent CD marker pen on the top side of each disc.

    • Sometimes a disc cannot be read. If you can, have a backup (on an external hard disk or usb stick) with you of the entire directory gT-XX-ta-extras.

    • Burn your disc(s) before the client meeting, not during the client meeting.

    • Burn your disc(s) at less than maximum speed to help avoid burning errors.

    • Try reading your disc(s) on a different drive to the one you used to burn them, to make sure they work.

Bring your USB stick or disc(s) with you to hand in at the third client meeting (M3).