HCI Slots for Multiple Choice Test Repeat SS 2018

Repeat Test (MCrep)

Sign up for the repeat MC test by sending me email before Mon 02 Jul 2018 14:00 stating your name, group, and MatrNr, and using the subject "MCrep Signup".

You may choose to take the repeat test regardless of how many correct questions you got in the first MC test, or whether you took the first MC test at all. However, the result of the most recent MC test replaces that of any earlier test, so it is also possible to downgrade your result.

Wed 04 Jul 2018, HS i13, Inffeldgasse 16b (MCrep)

Please consult the seating plan for HS i13.

14:15 All Groups (MR1) [26 persons]

Attia Mahamood T2
Bajrektarevic Amir T5
Bushati Franc T5
Dirnböck Jasmin T2
Hirner Florian T1
Jernej David T4
Kieweg Sophie T9
Konrad Georg T6
Kraxner Sara T3
Lampert Eric T5
Liegl Daniel T8
Mitteregger Alexander T5
Mosser Livia T2
Müller Hanna T2
Pfennig Lars T7
Plasch Stefanie T3
Platzer Andreas T3
Ratzberger Philipp T6
Raunjak Christoph T8
Redzic Nejra T5
Rühringer Simon T3
Rupitz Jakob T1
Sagaster Tim T1
Schmid Lorenz T6
Schreiner Sebastian T4
Tropper Benjamin T7

14:45 All Groups (MR2) [25 persons]

Aumüller Thomas T8
Baldic Mihajlo T9
Beganovic Elvedin T3
Džombić Srđan T4
Ertl Robert T1
Fellner Konstantin T3
Fladerer Laura-Maria T5
Genser Peter T1
Heider Martin T8
Herold Julia T4
Islitzer Florian T5
Jedinger Manuel T6
Kranjc Dominik T9
Mayer Katharina T8
Milkic Alan T4
Nahlik Patricia T5
Oswald George T5
Proß Christoph T7
Puntigam Johannes T1
Sabljakovic Selma T3
Salkic Emsad T5
Susnjar Vladan T5
Tropper Jakob T8
Uka Liridona T6
Woletz Christiane T4