HCI Slots for MC2 SS 2020

Second MC Test (MC2)

You must sign up for MC2 by sending me email (kandrews@iicm.edu) before Mon 29 Jun 2020 14:00 stating your name, group, and MatrNr, and using the subject “MC2 Signup”.

You may choose to take MC2 regardless of how many correct questions you got in MC1 (or MC1a), or whether you took MC1 at all. However, the result of the most recent MC test replaces that of any earlier test, so it is also possible to downgrade your result.

Exact lists of names will be published here in due course.

Wed 01 Jul 2020 (HS i13, Inffeldgasse 16b)

Please consult the seating plan for HS i13.

11:15 All Groups

11:45 All Groups