Se/Pr/BSc Structure

Incarnations of Seminar, Project, and Bachelor Thesis

1 ECTS is the equivalent of approximately 25-30 hours workload for the student.


  1. Survey Paper

    Literature and previous work related to a particular area are researched, collated, and summarised in a seminar paper (Seminararbeit), about 20-30 pages PDF.

    Good sources for a literature search include:

  2. Presentation

    To complete the course, an overview of related work and the results from the project are presented in a 30-minute talk, using modern multimedia aids (Powerpoint/HTML, live demos, etc).

    Talks are 30 mins. total, which means 25 mins. for the talk itself plus 3 mins. for questions and 2 mins. for changeover to the next speaker. The talk is usually divided into 15 mins. on the literature survey (presenting related work by others) and 10 mins. about your own project (what you have done).

    Double talks (two persons collaborating) are 60 mins. total, which means 50 mins. for the talk itself, plus 7 mins. for questions and 3 mins. for changeover to the next speaker.

    Practice your talk with a stopwatch or alarm clock, so that you get the timing right. The schedule is always tight, and if you overrun, the moderator will have to cut you off. This is usually not pleasant.

    You can choose whether to give your talk in English or in German. I recommend that you take advantage of the chance to practice giving a talk in English with (almost) nothing to lose.

    Most students bring their own laptop to give their talk. If you do not have access to a laptop, please contact your supervisor in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

    Attendance for the entire programme of seminar talks is compulsory for all participants!


The project typically involves implementing a working prototype of some kind and is usually in the same field as the survey paper. The project is documented with a project report (Projektbericht), about 20-30 pages PDF.

A seminar/project often forms the foundation for a Master's thesis in the same area, since much of the related work has been covered.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

The work you submit must be your own work. You must take care to avoid both plagiarism and breach of copyright:

In general, it is not allowed to copy text, images, screenshots, or diagrams from the web or other sources. The only allowable uses of other people's materials or ideas in your own work are: