HCI Multiple Choice Test

(Human-Computer Interaction SS 2020)

Exercise 5: Multiple Choice Test

The final part of the course is a short multiple choice test on the theory of HCI, based of the material in the lecture notes.

The date and times for the main MC Test are given in the MC1 Slots.

A variety of sample tests are available, both with and without answers. The course notes change over time, each test corresponds to the course notes of that particular year.

Remember, to pass the course, you must achieve 50% or more of the total points for the course and also get at least two out of ten questions correct in the multiple choice test.

There will be one further opportunity to take the test. The results of the most recent test replace those of an earlier test.

The date and times for the MC2 Test are given in the MC2 Slots.

The test lasts 15 minutes and consists of 10 questions, in English:

Note that the multiple choice test is not easy. Any of the 4 choices for each question can be true or false and you have to get the exact combination (out of 16 possible combinations) to gain the points for the question (you either get full points or zero points). Just guessing will, on average, get you 0.625 questions out of ten. So, I strongly urge you to look at and study the material in the lecture notes before the test.