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General Information

Lecture Dates:

  1. 16th of October 2015 (Hörsaal I13)
  2. 30th of October 2015 (Hörsaal I13)
  3. 06th of November 2015 (Hörsaal I13)

Assignment Submission Dates:

  1. 14th of November 2015 (Upload to Moodle)
  2. 4th of December 2015 (Upload to Moodle)

Tutorial Dates:

Tutorial Dates are announced in your Newsgroup!

Lecture Slides and ZIPs

Chapter 00 - Intro
Chapter 01 - The Web
Chapter 02 - XHTML
Chapter 02 - Examples
Chapter 03 - Cascading
Chapter 03 - Examples

Moodle Link

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INM Team

This is the INM Team for this years semester (2015/2016)

Victor Garcia-Barrios
Victor Garcia-Barrios / Lecturer and Professor
Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister
Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister / Tutor / Moodle Administrator
Georg Regitnig
Georg Regitnig / Tutor
Muhamed Redzic
Muhamed Redzic / Tutor


You can contact us via the following e-mail adresses:
Prof. Garcia-Barrios: vgarcia@iicm.edu
Tibor: tibor.zajki-zechmeister@student.tugraz.at
Muhamed: muhamed.redzic@student.tugraz.at
Georg: georg.regitnig@student.tugraz.at