HCI Exercise 4a

(INB.05021UF Human-Computer Interaction 3VU SS 2018)

Exercise 4a: Thinking Aloud Test (TA Report)

1 Pilot Test

2 Real Test

For each test user:


3 Recording with External Video Camera

You must record the entire test procedure, from the moment the user enters the room to the moment the user leaves the room, with an external tripod-mounted video camera. Use a mirror next to the monitor or screen to capture the user's facial expressions. This applies both to the pilot test and the real test! See my guide to external video recording.

4 Session Capture (Screen, Audio, and User)

You must also capture each test user's session on the computer (see my guide to session capture). Under Windows, I highly recommend you use Morae (see my guide to using Morae).

You must both capture the test session on the computer (session capture) and also record the entire test using an external video camera.

5 Transcribing the Session Capture Video

6 Analysing the Results

7 Thinking Aloud Test Report

The thinking aloud test report should contain:

For the report:

8 Prepare Your TA Report Directory

9 Upload Your TA Report to Sapphire

Note that for Exercise 4b you will also hand in one or more DVD(s) or a USB stick containing raw videos from the tests and (if applicable) Morae's project and recording files.