HCI Practicals User Groups and Tasks

(Human-Computer Interaction SS 2018)

These are the user group and internal task lists for the web sites we are testing. You must test exactly this user group (get as close as you can) and you must use exactly these tasks (and not any others of your own).

There are 5 tasks for each test user. The user does not get to see the entire list of tasks at once. Users are given only the task description, one task description at a time, each on a separate piece of paper.

If your test users do not exactly match the target test user group, either have them simulate the target user group or try and find some other test users who do match the target user group.

Tasks are available in English only if the web site is available in English and we know there are groups intending to test in English with English-speaking test users.

For registration tasks, users may have to enter personal details, such as names and addresses. They can either use their own real identity (if they are comfortable with that), or they can use an obviously fictitious identity (such as Max Mustermann, Musterplatz 1, 8010 Graz), as they please. You should prepare a fictitious identity for each test user in advance, to hand to the user when the time comes. This may also involve preparing a free email address for each test user to use.

For an ordering or submission process, the user should go through the process, upto the point where they are about to complete the order or submission (when you should stop them!). They should not actually go through with any order or submission, unless of course they are using their real identity and they really do want to do it.

Tutor German English
T1 T1 de
T2 T2 de T2 en
T3 T3 de
T4 T4 de T4 en
T5 T5 de
T6 T6 de T6 en
T7 T7 de
T8 T8 de
T9 T9 de T9 en

If you have any questions about the user groups or tasks we have chosen for you, please contact your tutor first, me second.